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Soci is a proud recipient of the 2010 and 2011 Comerica Bank Collin 60 Award . This award recognizes Soci as one of the 60 strongest and fastest-growing businesses in Collin County and the North Texas area.

It honors Soci and the other awarded companies for creating better lives, promoting greater productivity, providing jobs and stimulating the economy for the North Texas region. The winners were determined by their pattern of growth over 3 years with a strong focus placed on the last 12 months. “The Collin 60 companies represent the best in Collin County” said Business Press Publisher Richard Dixon. “Despite the economy, these companies remain strong and continue to grow. The Business Press is proud to honor the 2010 Comerica Collin 60 companies.”

“The secret to our success is in our name, Soci means Partners in Italian,” says the owner and President Todd Simpson. Our goal is to partner with our customers to bring them the best products, at the best prices, with honesty and outstanding customer service. They in turn can pass that along to their customers and together we all can benefit from higher profitability and business success.

Our Goal

Our goal at SOCI is to deliver sophisticated products that create a perfect balance between superior quality and exceptional price. We believe that our relationship with our customers should be a mutually beneficial partnership that is supported by honesty and outstanding customer service. Our biggest hope is that you not only love our products, but also the entire SOCI team that stands behind them.

Every year we strive to offer an innovative product line that keeps SOCI and our customers at the forefront of design and market trends. We feel this year’s product line accomplishes just that, giving our customers the ability to find success as they

Be Unique. Be Bold. Be SOCI.