Putting Our Best Foot Forward – 2016 Catalog Photo Shoot

By soci inc

As many of you know, our corporate offices are located in a small town just on the northern outskirts of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. What you may not know about McKinney is that we boast a historic downtown square, full of beautiful, unique shops and restaurants. One of these restaurants, Patina Green, served as the perfect backdrop for our new website and the 2016 catalog (you can learn more about Patina Green at www.patinagreenhomeandmarket.com).

Owners Kaci and Robert Lyford were so gracious to let us take over their space. We chose a day that they were closed, went in the afternoon, and got to work! It was over 100 degrees outside the day of our shoot. Five members of our team, including a pregnant Leslie, piled into two cars loaded with tile and photography equipment and headed over to Patina.

Patina shoot photos1           Patina shoot photos5

While we were doing our photo shoot, Chef Lyford was prepping for his weekly menu, slicing through fresh jalapenos and simmering them down to make a jalapeno jelly. Needless to say, the place smelled fantastic, and we were ready to eat lunch there again before the day was through.

Patina shoot photos2          Patina shoot photos3           Patina shoot photos4

We used every square foot of space that they had, from their front display windows and their vintage decorations, all the way to their back storage areas and restrooms. The entire space complimented our tile beautifully! All of the beautiful photos you see on our website came from this special, local spot. Stay on the lookout for our 2016 catalog to see more of these awesome shots!